About Us

Think of a vacation plan in India and Travel Darshan will cater to your needs for an unforgettable experience. Indeed, Indian holidays with Travel Darshan will introduce the travellers to best of the places having scintillating beauty and exotic surroundings. A land of diverse cultures, India is the home to lush green hill stations, beautiful waterfalls, exotic backdrops, spectacular beaches, attractive temples, historic places, one of the Seven Wonders of the World and wildlife sanctuaries that indulge a traveller to come across different within one nation.


In planning a trip to India with Travel Darshan , the tourists will get a variety of packages and deals to consider. From luxury to economical packages, our travelling experts will introduce you to different cultures and make the most of your holiday. Every package is aimed at giving best of the facilities within the budget.

Travel Darshan is an expert holiday planner and brings the exclusive nature of Indian tradition to limelight. With us one can realize one’s dream of perfect vacation. Our service of cars on rent caters you assistance any trip customized by travellers i.e expeditions can choose the vehicle according to his tour i.e solo trip, family trip, group tour, adventure tour, historical tours, luxurious tours and many more.